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Tutto quello che appare su questo sito è esclusivamente per scopi illustrativi della situazione attuale del villaggio escludendo ogni intenzione di pubblicità.

Movies :
Colin's House :    Europa Productions - Movie/Documentary - Demos

Colin's House Movie/Documentary  Colin's House Movie/Documentary

Stories :
"The Olive" Review    HorrorStory by Algernon Blackwood - reviewed by Dave McCourt

There is a copyright prob for this story, ... please read the   letter from Dave   -   I make it availabel as "friends-only-version" - if nobody stops me.

"The Olive" OriginalStory      OnlineVersion
"DownLoad"    download TheOlive.pdf /(printable) version of "TheOlive" (132k)

other stories by HIM
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NewsPaper Articles ect. :
Who rules BussanaVecchia :    .... ???

Books :
"Bussana Vecchia"    (in english and italien) ..... great book !!!

this is the book
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"Ruiny's Book"         (in german) ..... OnlineVersion
"*DownLoad*"         download the RuinysBook.pdf /(printable) version (149k)

Booklet by Ruiny v. Elfenstein

"Gente di mare"         Geschichte einer Liebe in Ligurien. von Angelika Klees (in german)

Geschichte einer Liebe in Ligurien.
von Angelika Klees
bei oder bei

so ein Sauwetter!
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