Bussana CD

Bussana.com is constantly growing and there are some high-resolution pictures that take a loooooong time to download from the web. Some users complained about their telefonbill and I am having increasing cost for updating this site too. Therefore I thought of the "bussana.com - support - CD". This is a mirror-site of bussana.com burned onto CD-R ready for OFF-LINE-SURFING.

You need a BROWSER (if you can read this it means you have one).
A CD-drive able to read CD-R. (99% of the drives should be O.K. - still, if you don't know ...... find it out by testing)

*** NOT AVAILABLE by MAILORDER .... come to "Studio W+J" to get it ***

Sample Page : .... to see how the CD starts

 ... do you like candles ?

why don't you click on that candle ?