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The ghost-town near SanRemo (Italy)

Around 1996 (when the BussanaDotCom - PROJECT started) this was easy to do. And we were proud to announce every single page with "Bussana" on. Now there are hundreds if not thousends of pages, sites, and portals. On the other hand there are the SearchEngines. For example You could do a GoogleSearch on "Bussana" and/or (why not?) a YahooSearch on "Bussana Vecchia"


BussanaVecchiaPortal   Perhaps the best you can get : E-cards to mail, 360°photographs, history, artists, shops, map, links, (mailing-list & forum are there ... but turned OFF)and more ....
Raccolta Foto Lortesta   many pictures ....
Bussana Vecchia   ONLINE since 1995/1996 - was meant to become the official site - but hardly anybody seemed interested ... (early incarnation of    :-)
International Artists Village OFFICIAL SITE   Maurizio's BussanaPage (lots of stuff - about 100 Megs). NOBODY has more photos of our ruins, cats, dogs, events, and people. I wish the site would display better and be more structured/surfable. If you have HT-Tracker or similar software point it at this site ... go to sleep ... and then sort it out. You will catch hundreds of pictures, roll-overs, flash-java-gif animations and a lot of text.
Clarence   Borgo d'artista (in italiano)
Ruiny's Bussana Page  with Ruiny v. Elfenstein's book in german  (online version).
                             To download this booklet as pdf-file "ruiny's-book.pdf"

DutchPage   very interresting solution for a web-page .... looks like a collage to me.
Die Ruinenstadt   new fotos - auf Deutsch
Cafe Grenzgenial  in German ... about Bussana Vecchia. This page is made with some of my photographs and Ruiny's text. NOT by us ---> :-). Still, it was meant to help Bussana Vecchia and it lists well in the german/austrian searchengines ... this means: it DOES create traffic. o.k. ;-)
BussanaDotCom   Last but not least. COOL & SURFABLE. No layers, roll-overs, flash and only little java & gif animation. InterActive and DownLoad-sections. This site is hosted on a paid server (sponsored by "The Legendary Studio"). We will NOT timeout while you download or do other "nice" features offered by free-hosting. We list only Studios&Artists that are most of the time in Bussana Vecchia ... I'm not interested in people who perhaps stayed here for some days many years ago and never made it to come back and live here (***sorry***).

DownLoad HTTracker   this is the WebSiteCopier you might need

Studios, shops, ect. :

Studio W+J  the oldest Studio in Bussana Vecchia
Studio Wilmot  visit Colin Wilmot's Home&Gallery
La Bilancia  "Studio d'Arte"
Studio Manco  "Silvano's Gallery"
Studio Van Wel  "Ansie & Peter"

Pubs, restaurants, ect.:
La Casaccia  to get food & drinks
Osteria  to get food & drinks
Ristorante Naturale  to get (natural) food & drinks

Bed&Breakfast  to sleep & relax

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